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This is our Booking Form Agreement

Caricature Booking Agreement

  • This will serve as a letter of commitment to confirm that you have requested Winter Park Artists, LLC. 2181 Linden Road, Winter Park, FL 32792, to provide you with:
  • Number of Artists
  • :
  • :
  • plus the parking fee (or provide a valid parking ticket) - for the event contracted time listed above. (Call (407) 308-5175 for the correct quoted fee, We will email it to you.)
  • You agree to pay the entertainer when they arrive at the event (or) BEFORE the entertainer begins entertaining so that the entertainer will not be not held after waiting for payment and the entertainer will have the time to make his or her next gig. If the entertainer has not received full payment when they arrive at the start time listed on this agreement, then our entertainment agreement with you is null and void and the entertainer will leave the event without fulfilling any entertaining obligations. Should the entertainer need to leave the event due to your non- payment at the start time of this agreement you agree to pay the entertainer a $50. traveling fee for his or her time in showing up at your event.
  • We accept checks, money order or cash at the event. We accept PayPal payments 5-days before the event. For PayPal payments we charge a 3% service fee.
  • Our return check policy is a $25.00 fee.
  • Overtime of agreed contract will be at the artist’s discretion and will be an extra charge at the hourly rate of this contract. You agree that if you hold the artist over the agreed time of this contract that you will pay the artist for the overtime at the hourly rate of this contract.
  • If you have guest(s) of honor, it will be your responsibility to make sure that they are drawn first so that the artist is not held over at the end.
  • Our artists are entertainers and will draw live people only. It is our policy that artwork from photos and animals are considered studio artwork, not live entertainment. Studio artwork can be commissioned and completed at our studio for another time for an additional fee.
  • Our artists are stationary, not strolling entertainers. They will set up in one spot and remain there for the entire contract. It will be your responsibility to select an area for them to remain within your event and to let your guests know where the artist(s) will be stationed. For the comfort of your guests we suggest placing our artist(s) opposite (away from) of the music entertainment. (It is impossible to talk with the guests near the speakers)
  • Each artist will need two chairs and a power source for lighting.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold Winter Park Artists, LLC and it's artist subcontractors harmless from any liability or damages. Winter Park Artists LLC and it's subcontractors uses "Good Faith" in all actions.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.